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Innovative Transcription Services is a culmination of three experts in their fields of transcription. Dana Sinn, owner of BizScription, has been providing business transcription to clients since 1997; Deborah Romano, owner of Pro-Med Transcription, has been providing medical transcription since 1995; and Natalie Quinn has provided legal transcription since 1983. Realizing the needs of the future, these three individuals have merged together to form one company, Innovative Transcription Services (ITS). At ITS we believe meeting our clients' needs and providing impeccable service is our top priority. With technology ever-changing, we believe it is not only important but imperative that we keep up so we are able to provide our clients with all that they require and should come to expect in a transcription company. We have a top-notch staff that have been educated and trained in their field of transcription expertise. Reliability, confidentiality, expertise, and solutions are what ITS is all about.

Innovative Transcription Services (ITS) is a leading provider of the latest in transcription assistance. ITS has expertise in a wide range of areas, including conference calls, government, legal, medical, organizations, personal, language translation, as well as scanning old documentation into new EMR systems. ITS understands the market's demand for the latest technology and advanced skill set and guarantees your company/organization will receive the most modern reporting services to date. Transcription is the future of documentation coordination for any business or organization. Let ITS show your business what it means to take care of tomorrow's documentation needs today.

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