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At Innovative Transcript Solutions (ITS) we have experience in all areas of not-for-profit and for-profit transcription. We understand that our clients’ time is valuable and limited. ITS provides our clients with the latest in dictation technology allowing them to dictate when it is convenient for them, whether that be at the office, home, or in transit. ITS uses a secure FTP server and/or encrypted audio and documentation system, which is confidential and easy to use. ITS strives for 100% satisfaction with our clients by providing accurate documentation for all dictation.

  • Law Enforcement
  • College research
  • Church sermons

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Our Mission Statement

Innovative Transcription Services is committed to providing the highest level of quality transcription to our clients. We believe that integrity and confidentiality in today’s world of electronic documentation is as valuable to us as it is to our clients. We work at great lengths using the latest technology to preserve our clients’ documentation while making dictation easier and more convenient for you. We have a professionally- trained staff of transcriptionists with a high level of expertise and efficiency that work only in their areas of training, whether that be business, medical or legal transcription. Quality, integrity and confidentiality are what Innovative Transcription Services guarantee to you.

Dana Sinn
Business, Organization, and Personal Services
630-988-8426 -

Dana Sinn has successfully transcribed interviews for the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP) since 2006 transcribing approximately 3-4 interviews each year with outgoing ACOFP Presidents and other prominent leaders. Every interview includes medical terminology and past history of the organization. Dana uses her expertise in deciphering sometimes muffled and inaudible language. She is a pleasure to work and I always receive a quick reply and completion. Thanks Dana for your continued job well done.